Welcome to our new technician Adam Rogerson

Welcome to Adam Rogerson our new technician in the lab.

Adam’s bio:

While at Durham University studying for my Master’s degree, I quickly discovered my interest in the molecular mechanisms behind various proteins. In my third year, I particularly enjoyed completing my dissertation on the structural properties of fibronectin-binding proteins and their role in the pathogenesis of S. aureus. Prior to starting my Master’s, I undertook an internship in a nematology lab, where I investigated the effect of knocking down protein kinases of the Wnt signalling pathway on cell fate determination in C. elegans embryos. This internship played a pivotal role in gravitating my focus towards the molecular intricacies of protein kinase signalling pathways.  

As a result, my Master’s research project focussed on the multifaceted interactions of the tyrosine kinase Src during mammalian cytokinesis, including its involvement in abscission events and modulating cytoskeletal dynamics. In order to further explore my interest into the intricacies of protein signalling pathways, I joined the Grey Lab in July 2023 as a Research Technician. Here, I look forward to acquiring invaluable insight and knowledge into protein homeostasis in the context of healthy and malignant haematopoiesis.

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